Tips for Cooking Bison

Defrost. The hardest part about cooking bison is to remember to defrost it! Ideally that is done in the refrigerator for one or two days. If that didn’t happen, an alternate approach is to put the frozen pack on a cold cast iron pan, make sure it is out of direct sunlight. This is far better than a water bath.

It cooks fast. Because bison is so lean, it cooks about a third faster than beef. Yes, it really can cook that fast. We prefer it medium rare, use the same temperatures you would for beef.

Don’t play around with the ground. Bison meat has a shorter protein strand than beef, so if you are using it for tacos or spaghetti, don’t stir it around too much in the frying pound or you’ll end up with a really fine crumble. We usually add the cooked ground meat to the end of a recipe instead of a long simmered sauce.

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