Grass fed bison meat. Locally raised.

Although bison is very different than beef, the retail cuts are the same. Our offerings vary throughout the year, and some cuts are limited by nature, such as a flank steak. If there are other cuts you are interested in, let us know and we’ll talk to the butcher!

Steaks and roasts prices vary by weight.

Filets. These steaks are cut from the tenderloin and are table knife tender. One pack has two steaks that are 2 inches thick. Weights range from 3/4 to over a pound a package. Also available as a whole tenderloin with pre-order.
$32 pound

Filet Tips. These are the end pieces of the same tasty tenderloin. They are great for recipes, that don’t require a uniform shape for presentation. These packages are usually about 3/4 of a pound.
$30 pound

Delmonico. A bison Delmonico is also known as a ribeye. Unlike a beef ribeye it is still quite lean without marbling Very tasty! Also sold two to a pack, about an 1.25 inches thick. Usually between 3/4 and 1 1/4 pounds in a pack.
$30 pound

NY Strip. Maybe it’s because we have NY bison, but we love this cut. Lean and full of flavor. Steaks are about 1.5 inches thick and two to a pack. Weights vary but are usually around a pound
$28 pound

Sirloins. This steak is full of flavor and a great family cut. They work well with a quick marinade and then sliced to serve. One to a pack, about an inch thick. Full of flavor, we like cutting them in strips and using them for stir fry or fajitas. Weights are between 3/4 and a pound.
$24 pound

Flanks and Skirts. If you have a great marinade recipe, these are the original fajita steaks Slice them against the grain and enjoy the bison flavor! Very thin, and pretty small, with weights usually around 1/2 pound.
$18 pound

Top Round. This cut is best with an overnight marinade or a low and slow cooking approach. Works well on the grill as London Broil, or add some Mexican spices to your crock pot and make some great carnitas. We have them cut about 1.5 inches thick and they come in around two pounds.
$18 pound, not currently available

Rib Roast. If you like our Delmonicos, you’ll love these boneless rib roasts on your table. They weigh about 3 pounds each and are delicious!
$30 pound, requires pre-order

Bottom Round Roast. Great for low and slow cooking. We like the Mississippi Roast recipe from the NY Times. They weigh between 2 1/2 and 3 pounds and are very lean.
$16 pound, not currently available

Brisket This cut is best with a low and slow cooking approach. We’ve recently learned how to corn them for a great lean corned bison! Experienced pitmasters can make some great barbecue too! Brining first, or braising afterwards is recommended if you are planning to smoke these. Weights vary between 2 and 4 pounds each.
$16 pound not currently available

The rectangular package on the left are the one pound packages of ground. In the middle are the oval, thick patties and on the right is that yummy Italian sausage. In the back in the Kabob meat.

Standard Sizes, various choices

Shaved Steak. Oh my goodness good! This is really lean and ready for a quick saute in a frying pan. Use it to make a cheesesteak sandwich and you won’t be disappointed.
$18 one pound pack.

Kabobs. Cut from the Sirloin Tip, these kabobs like a good marinade and a quick grill. If you’re not the grilling type, they also work great in the bison bourgoin recipe of your choice. Yummy!
$18 for a one pound pack

Italian Sausage Links or Bulk Sausage A mild version of a spicy Italian sausage, these are great on the grill, or with your favorite red sauce. 4 links to a one pound pack or loose sausage in a one pound pack
$15.50 one pound pack either links or loose sausage

Chorizo Mexican spices in bulk sausage! Great for tacos, omlettes and anytime!
$15.50 one pound pack

Bison Kielbasa, oh so good, if you like our snack sticks, this one’s for you. $16.50 pack

Maple Sausage Lightly flavored with maple, slice it from the tube and fry it up with your eggs.
$15.50 one pound pack, not currently available

Stew Meat. Nice big chunks of well trimmed, lean bison. Works great in all your recipes and comes in a convenient one pound pack.
$14.50 for a one pound pack

Ground. People love our burger. Lean and versatile you can use it for burgers, tacos, meatballs and all your favorite recipes. Comes in a convenient one pound pack.
$13.50 for a one pound pack. Buy ten packs and get an 11th one free!

Patties. These patties are ready for the grill. Thin, round patties that are four to a pound or thick, oval patties that are three to a pound.
$15 for a one pound pack, buy ten packs and get an 11th one free!

Snack Sticks. These sticks are sold frozen, four to a pack in a 4 ounce pack. $8 for one or 2 for $15.

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